Running Is Dreaded… Not


Like a lot of people, I have loved traveling since I was a kid. The smell of the new air, the sight of new people, the feel of the new atmosphere.. all of them are so appealing to me. And also like a lot of people, I have always dreaded the thought of cardio exercise, like running. Dancing? Fine, that sounds fun. Bicycling around the city? Nice! A stroll never hurts anyone. But running is pure torture, why should anyone pour toxic into their lungs and work their selves out in unnatural ways? But, as much as I was mistaken about life (I was young and naive, sorry), I was wrong about running. In fact, some regrets for my younger days are written here,

In my younger years, stamina was something I did not have. Therefore, I fear the running shoes and anyone who invites me on an occasion, but now as I have adapted myself to it by setting and achieving smaller, achievable goals, I start to feel that running is really enjoyable. 

Actually, I can help you with some of the preparation for a healthier and more enjoyable life with running. First of all, know that I've been there, done that, I know how hard it can be to run just for 3 minutes and give up every morning. But hey, here I am. And hey, you are reading this, which means there something in you that makes you want to run, right? Let me help you with that. Just go to the, where I've compiled my journey from beginning to end. 

First of all, bear in mind that running should be a habit, a regular exercise regime. First, begin the first two weeks (or more) with some sessions of walking, on riding a stationary bike, or using an elliptical trainer for about 30 minutes a day, for at least five days in a week. 


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